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With all children it is most important that they enjoy Mathematics.  Young children (less than 5) naturally enjoy many activities that develop mathematical abilities - jigsaws and board games;  sorting things into different categories;  counting, weighing and measuring. 

It is important to keep the fun of inquisitive discovery and problem solving alive for children as they encounter more formal mathematics at school.

As children reach the end of primary school, children need practice to do well in SATS or entrance exams, but should still have the chance to solve interesting problems - look at the nrich.maths.org site for inspiration.

Key Stage 2 Sats papers from Eteach
BBC - Number Time - Homepage
nrich.maths.org Mathematics Enrichment   Great problems every month from Cambridge Uni
Primary Resources Maths General Resources
Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching - Mathematics Enhancement Programme

Key Stage 3 (ages 11-14)

There are key skills that need to be developed between 11-14 if you are going to succeed in Mathematics.  Data handling, geometry, positive  and negative numbers -  but most importantly algebra.  Being as comfortable with using letters as you are with manipulating numbers.

BBC - Schools - Mathsfile I love these games
BBC - Schools - KS3 Bitesize - Maths
KS3 Sats Papers from Eteach  Brilliant Resource - all previous papers and answers
Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching - Year 7  These are interactive online exercises
Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching - Year 8   Good skills practice
4Learning - Maths 4   Good worksheets from C4 TV programmes
BBC - Skillswise - Numbers Aimed at older learners - good for teens too
Attainment Tests from CMT
  Useful diagnostic tests to see where you need to focus your efforts


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