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A-Level Mathematics

To pass A-level mathematics you need to take six modules, normally over two years.    It is possible for a hardworking well organised student to get a good grade, even if they are not a brilliant gifted mathematician. ( If you are a brilliant gifted mathematician, I think you should be taking Further Maths and maybe trying the Step papers before university). 

However, to be comfortable on any A-level course you still need to have reliable algebra; understand basic trigonometry; be comfortable with manipulating fractions and negative numbers, and be positive and persistent in solving longer problems.   There is a big jump from GCSE.

You can re-take modules and you can  improve your grades, significantly, through practicing exam questions and one-to-one tuition. BUT exams are now only in June ( NO JANUARY RESITS) 

If you need to retake modules,  it is very very important to work, during the year, not to leave it all until after Easter.  You should revise (one a month?) the topics that caused the grade slip up and test yourself at least every half term by sitting a practice paper.  This should show a steady improvement through the year.  Otherwise  it will be much more difficult to pick the subjects up again at the same time as revising new work.  Remember Maths is a skills based subject  where you need practice to 'keep your hand in'.

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Recommended Links: (Updated July 2015))

www.mymaths.co.uk  Very good resource for GCSE and A-level - Many many schools pay for access for their students - USE IT!!

http://www.physicsandmathstutor.com/a-level-maths-papers/  Much easier to find the paper you are looking for than on the official examination board sites.!

Maths Centre Student Resources - Very good leaflets and videos taking you through solutions
www.mathsnetalevel.com - superb interactive resource but they now make you pay
www.examsolutions.co.uk Some useful sample solutions free


http://www.edexcel.com/quals/gce/gce08/maths/Pages/default.aspx Maths AS/A-level (2009-


http://www.aqa.org.uk/exams-administration/exams-guidance/find-past-papers-and-mark-schemes AQA

OCR Exam Board


OCR Past Papers, Specification, formula book etc.




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