The use of Political Campaign Systems

on the Internet

to support the work of 'my client'

'my client' is a well organised political campaign with a clear objective. The 'my client' website and supporting server need to be equally well focused. To determine the appropriate information systems to run on the server we need to start from what we want the site/server to achieve for 'my client'. Once this has been determined we can look at appropriate software to support 'my client'’s activities

Who are the people who will use the site?

There are a number of key groups of people who will access the 'my client' site. Each group will arrive at the site with different prior knowledge and different information needs. Our objectives for each group will be different. The overall design of the site needs to meet the needs of each group providing appropriate paths and data resources.

Potential supporters

Our objective: Turn them into active supporters.

How? Convince them of the merits of our case. Show we are an organisation they are happy to be part of. Make it easy for them to sign up online.

Active Supporters

Our objective: Keep them informed, active and involved.

How? New interesting information at least once a week to make sure they keep coming back. Promote activities they can be involved with. Provide forums for online debate and exchanging experiences.

Key Influencers – Elected representatives, Journalists

Our objective: Make sure they are on our side.

How? Provide concise summaries of our positions. Have available well researched background information, case histories and media reports.

People campaigning against us.

Our objective: Not to give any information that can be used against us.

How? Be aware that the net is a public forum. Create a secure ‘members only’ area for discussion groups and sensitive information.

The current site has some good information but is presented and structured in a way that makes it very difficult for a visitor to work their way round.


How will people find the site?

There is no point spending time and money on the site if it is only being accessed by a tiny number of people.

To be successful the site needs to be:

At present it is only possible to find the site by searching for 'my client' with particular search engines. The site needs to be indexed more widely and with all appropriate keywords embedded in the HTML text of all the pages. Links need to be developed with other sites.

This area is of crucial importance. Getting people to visit is the key to a successful site. Two days initial work and one day a month updating would make sure more people visit the site.


What information do we want available?

The volume and variety of information available on the site is good. What needs to be done is to review the needs of the target groups to make sure the appropriate information is available easily to each group. Some material may need to be rewritten in summary and detail form. The page layouts can be standardised and made to look like printed materials.

As well as text and pictures we could use Audio/Video to demonstrate some of the 'my client'X XXXXXXX XXXXX


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