Kathryn Elmer

Hi, I'm Kathryn. I'm twelve years old and live in Chiswick. I go to Chiswick Community School, and I'm in year 7. I enjoy reading, stamp collecting, playing the flute, horse riding and netball. My birthday is 15th November. I like acting and when I grow up I would like to be an actress. I go to an acting class every week. I'm part of a stamp club which delivers stamp news to me every two months, here are my favourite stamps:

winers.jpg (385229 bytes)                football.jpg (247424 bytes)

plane.jpg (25032 bytes)                                                            dog.jpg (38202 bytes)                                                           horse.jpg (41451 bytes)              

20p.jpg (15960 bytes)                                                                frog.jpg (36641 bytes)                                                                 world.jpg (41432 bytes)

In July 1999 I took Grade Two flute exam, and passed, and in July 2000 I took Grade Three speaking of verse and prose exam, and passed with distinction. Here are my certificates:

Certi.jpg (1097236 bytes)                                   certi2.jpg (1079644 bytes)


The picture used for the Florida Holiday was drawn my me, here is a picture of it:

Link to florida 1999

Click on the picture to take you to some pictures of Florida 1999.