Sailing in Croatia 2003


On August 9th 2003 we went to Croatia, (with

The only bad part of the holiday was the delay at Heathrow Airport,wich was 4 hours. Once we got there, however, we had great fun.

Where we went:
Sunday 10th:  Prvic                       Sunday 17th: Zlarin
Monday 11th: Tisno                       Monday 18th: Skradin
Tuesday 12th: Hramina                 Tuesday 19th: Kaprije
Wednesday 13th: Telascica Bay   Wednesday 20th: A Bay
Thursday 14th: (same place)        Thursday 21st: Zirje
Friday 15th: Sali                         Friday 22nd: Kremik
Saturday 16th: Lavsa                   Saturday 23rd: London

croatia2003 014.jpg (647120 bytes)
We had dinner in a little alley in Hramina.

croatia2003 027.jpg (682373 bytes) croatia2003 028.jpg (660055 bytes) croatia2003 035.jpg (694645 bytes)
We dingy raced, swam, and windsurfed all day in Telescica Bay.


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