Sailing in Antigua and the British Virgin Islands 2000

Map showing holiday locations

Joanne sets off to seaThe Carribean at Easter was warm and windy - the first week in Antigua, a bit too windy.  With winds over 25 knots (force 5 and 6) many people stayed by the pool.  Not Joanne, with her dinghy course postponed awaiting lighter winds, she was giving her friends trips round the bay. Or Dave who sailed a laser faster ( and capsized more)  than ever before.davelas.jpg (63508 bytes)
We hired an open-top jeep for a wet trip around the island.  Away from the coast Antigua is not pretty.  The now abondoned sugar plantations have left most of the interior of the island as barren scrubland.  halfmoon.jpg (81993 bytes)Back by the sea we had fun in the surf at the picture postcard setting of Half Moon Bay.








katemoon.jpg (100100 bytes)lizmoon.jpg (84096 bytes)

The second week in the British Virgin Islands the winds calmed down and we enjoyed being back aboard a yacht visiting new islands. 

Chart Showing our Route around the BVIs

The snorkeling was fantastic.  The highlight was diving on the wreck of RMS Rhone.  The royal mail steamship, sunk in a hurricane in 1867,   is visible swimming on the surface and the stern is within diving reach.  Allsandycay.jpg (76458 bytes) the night stops were at anchor in pictureesque bays such as Marina Cay below. 

We all enjoyed swimming in the clear warm watedaveliz.jpg (48853 bytes)r.

Joanne took her turn on the helm.  The wheel is much easier than the tiller, once you get the hang of it.

josteer.jpg (91312 bytes)

A very enjoyable week's sailing, but I think I prefer the history and charm of Croatia.  This part of the Carribean is too much of an American playground where it is far easier to find ribs and burgers than Carribean food.


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