A Weekend in Budapest Spring 2001

View across Pest from the top of the Gellert hill adjacent to our hotel

We stayed at a fabulous spa hotel - The Gellert http://www.danubiusgroup.com/danubius/gellert.html

The hotel Gelllert - Throroughly reccomended

The thermal baths were an unforgetable experience.  At 8am on Saturday morning, the male citizens  of Budapest were putting the world to rights, naked (apart from some,inappropriately named, modesty cloths) in the 36 pool.  After various  false starts, from my changing cubicle, the attendent reassured me that I could keep my trunks on.  The photograph below, taken from the hotel website,  shows the decor - you will have to imagine the noise of men's voices echoing off the tiled walls, the sparkling cleanliness, the gurgling of clear spa water, the relaxed atmosphere and the aging naked flesh unself-conciously displayed.

thermbig.jpg (33116 bytes)

We enjoyed walking around the friendly city, using the cheap efficient public transport and taking tea and cake at the Gerbaud patisserie.

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The vast covered market combined two of my loves, fresh local produce and a building beautifully engineered in iron.

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On the Sunday we took a cog railway up,a steam train round and a chairlift down the hills of Buda. A relaxing round trip on a warm spring daytrain.jpg (173561 bytes)

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