Morocco 2003


On 26th October we went to Morocco. We had the most amazing time and it was very interesting to see a quite different way of life.

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On our first day in Morocco we had a tour of Marrakech.

The streets in Marrakech where busy and full of life. There were lots of people, donkeys and bycicles.

We saw a little square that used to be used to house camels when camels were used to transport trading goods. It is now used by carpenters.

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Here a man made all the children in our group a necklace with a wooden shape on it, using his feet!

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We carried on through the town untill we came to a mosque which was no longer in use, so we were able to go inside. It was amazing inside.

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It used to be a kind of school, so around the top were very small rooms where the students would live.

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On the same day we also went to a kind of chemist. There were bottles and jars of all sort of things on the walls.

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In the late afternoon we set of in two minibuses for our next destination. However on the way one of the minibuses broke down, this resulted in a couple of hours sitting by the road, and exploring the nearby area with new friends.

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When we arrived at our hotel for the night it was dark and we could see nothing, however when we woke of the next morning this was the veiw we had:

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It looked like something out of a film set, and was used in films such as Gladiator. We went for a walk to the top, but had to cross a small river to get there. So being in Morocco we crossed the river by donkey!

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When we reached the top on the other side we saw the most amazing veiws.

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The kids played in the ruin at the top.

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We then set of for the place where we were going to spend the night. We were going to spend the night in a little village in The Atlas Mountains. On the way we saw a group of goats, climing trees to getr their food!

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That night we slept on couches in two long rooms, one for the adults and one for the kids. in the evening we went for a walk round the village and played football with some of the village children.

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The next day we were of on our minibuses again to Taroudant. Our hotel in Taroudant had a swimming pool, and we had breakfast on a kind of roof terrace.

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The next day we went to Essaouira, on the way we went to Agadir to swim, a town with a beach. We had lunch in the fish market in Agadir.

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Essaouria is a beautiful old port where we spent two nights. We spent the two days haggling in the markets, visiting the old port and, for Dave and Lizzie, going on a camel ride.

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After 3 nights in Essaouira we set of in the morning to return to Marrakech. We spent the rest of the day in Marrakech, and ate in the main square in the evening where I had henna done on my hand.

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The next morning we returned home.



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