On Thursday 22nd July, Dave, Annemarie, Lizzie and me (Kate) went to the lake district. On the Thursday night we stayed at Grannie and Tony's flat. The next day Dave, Annemarie and Lizzie stayed at Peter and Alison's new cottage, but i stayed at Grannie and Tony's, because it is near by, and i got a bed if i stayed! Lizzie had fun playing with her cousins.

On the Saturday we left for our rented cottage in Eskdale.

1_sun_stan_Gyll_and_raventrip 018.jpg (713109 bytes)

Our Cottage!

The next day we set off on our first walk, up to the waterfalls at Stanley Gyll. The waterfalls where amazing, as it had rained earlier in the day and the night before, so there was lots of water pouring down.

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We then went to the mini steam railway nearby, and took a trip to Ravenglass and back again.

1_sun_stan_Gyll_and_raventrip 010.jpg (669549 bytes)  1_sun_stan_Gyll_and_raventrip 014.jpg (682364 bytes)  1_sun_stan_Gyll_and_raventrip 015.jpg (685083 bytes)

The next day, (Monday), had very good weather, so we decided to climb Sca Fell, from our cottage. It was a long way from our cottage (at almost sea level) all the way up past Eel and Burnmoor tarns, and then up the mountain itself, but we all got to the top and all the way back down again!

2_mon_scafell 007.jpg (639376 bytes)  2_mon_scafell 011.jpg (689641 bytes)  2_mon_scafell 014.jpg (683477 bytes)  2_mon_scafell 018.jpg (665668 bytes)  2_mon_scafell 017.jpg (672279 bytes)

  The next day Gran and Tony came to stay for a couple of days. We went up the other side of the valley for a short walk, as we were still a bit tired after the day before. 

3_tuewed_with gandt 003.jpg (652904 bytes) 

On the Wednesday day we all climbed Middle Fell, and there was a wonderful view from the top!

3_tuewed_with gandt 008.jpg (659574 bytes)  3_tuewed_with gandt 010.jpg (674978 bytes)  3_tuewed_with gandt 012.jpg (692358 bytes)

We decided to paddle in Wastwater!

3_tuewed_with gandt 019.jpg (622326 bytes)

The next morning Gran and Tony left, and we went swimming in the river near our cottage. It was nice, but freezing cold as it had just come down from the mountains!

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We decided that the next day would be a no walking day, so we went over the Hardnott pass to Keswick. In Keswick i found an internet cafe, and Dave, Annemarie and Lizzie went for a row.

4_thurs_esksale pools and derwentwater 009.jpg (703025 bytes)  4_thurs_esksale pools and derwentwater 010.jpg (680791 bytes)

On our last day we decided to go to Great Gable, we decided to go to Sty Head, then see if we wanted to go to the top, or round the traverse. When we got there we decided to go round the traverse, but turned back after a bit, as it was too slipy.

5_fri_wasdale and sty head 001.jpg (717034 bytes)  5_fri_wasdale and sty head 006.jpg (683090 bytes)

On the Friday evening we returned to Peter and Alison's, then returned home on the Saturday. A wonderfull time was had by all!



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